C L A S H was born after numerous trips to Nashville (what feels like my second home) where the effortless yet edgy southern fashion, warm and friendly locals and gorgeous atmosphere were unlike anything I had experienced before. Sharing memories and stories from my Nashville trips with friends and family became a regular occurrence, until it dawned on me that I could bring a taste of Nashville back home to Cleveland so that others could enjoy just a piece of what Nashville has to offer. With my hometown roots of Cleveland and my heart's connection to Nashville, C L A S H was imagined and made a reality.


My name is Leann Benich - I'm the founder and owner of Cleveland based online vintage boutique, C L A S H! My love for vintage and secondhand clothing was rooted in my upbringing from a young age. I didn't always have much growing up as a homeschooled middle child of four, so I learned to get creative. This creativity led me to pursue thrifting where I would enjoy creating outfits and playing dress up, which eventually led me to styling, photographing and editing photographs of my friends wearing all the clothes I had collected thrifting. This carried out into my adult life where I became a professional wedding and fashion photographer for over ten years. Through the years my photography, fashion experience and personal style evolved and I made the exciting endeavor to go back to my first love - fashion.


C L A S H aims to provide quality vintage and pre-loved designer wear that is hand-picked with a conscious aesthetic. We aim to provide vintage clothing for a modern world, where each piece is thoughtfully selected to take you from the country to the city. All items are free of significant imperfections, designed to cohesively integrate into your current wardrobe while also offering statement pieces to elevate your existing wardrobe. We aim to source high quality goods made of the best materials, including but not limited to raw denim, silk, wool, and leather.

Each item we offer is built to last and be worn time and time again. We believe that the fashion industry is changing for the better where striving for sustainability and quality in our clothing is top priority. The future of fashion where consumers are more concerned with where their clothes come from and the true cost of wearing something once is top of mind when making a purchase.

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